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Playgrounds Across the World | Sweet Hope

Playgrounds Across the World


Children need play structures to not only work their bodies, but also to stimulate their minds. Active minds and active bodies are key components to healthy childhoods. A ship, castle, or rocket will transport a child to another world. Sweet Hope works with children’s shelters to install play structures appropriate to the needs of their children. Because every child deserves a childhood.

Look at nearly any elementary school yard in the United States and you will find one thing.  A playground.  Visit that school during recess or lunchtime and you will hear peals of laughter and screams of joy and children do what children do best.  Play.

There are roughly 750,000 orphaned children in Russia today.  Most of those children do not have access to a safe playground.  Sweet Hope supports the children’s shelters across the Khabarovsk Territory, Russia.

In 2012 Sweet Hope was able to purchase two new toys to enhance the lives of the children residing at the Khor Village Social Rehabilitation Center for Children and Teenagers.  We aren’t stopping there.  We would like to remove all of the unsafe equipment and install a brand new, and safe play structure for the orphanage.

We are working with the KSIL Corporation to purchase new playground for the children of the territory.


With your generous support Sweet Hope fulfilled its goal of installing a playground in Khor Village.  In August, 2013 the youngest residents at the shelter climbed aboard and had the opportunity to laugh and play on safe equipment.  Now it is the teenager’s turn.  Khor Village Shelter has requested a sports court for the teenage youth at the shelter.  With your help we can make this happen.

Funding goal: $3000

Sweet Hope has also been given a list of the most remote shelters in the Khabarovsk Territory that are also in need of safe play equipment.  It is our intent to provide play equipment for these shelters over the next 5 years.

  • Khurbinskiy Social shelter for children and teenagers (25 people, ages 3-18), village Khurba – need a children’s outdoor playground, equipment for a medical room: 2 beds, 2 couches, stadiometer (height meter).
  • Sport club for disabled children (30 people), Bikin town: need any kind of exercise equipment for a gym.
  • Rehabilitation center for children in Komsomolsk-on-Amur:  need an outdoor playground for small children.
  • Children’s home # 34 in Sovetskaya Gavany (45 children) – need an outdoor playground for younger children.


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