What We Do

Sweet Hope is a non-profit foundation that supports not only the immediate needs of the institutions that house orphans, but it is also a support network for the orphanage workers and ultimately a family advocacy organization with the idea of providing support for families before they turn to the institutions. {Read More}

It is the goal of Sweet Hope to become a family preservation organization.  Rather than throwing money at a quickly growing problem we intend to meet the challenge head on.  We start at the source of the problem and provide support before families are forced to surrender their children.

Sweet Hope is building relationships with the local and regional government in the Khabarovsk Krai, Russia to implement a therapy program that will not only improve the lives of children with various disabilities, but it will also give families tools to care for with children with disabilities.

Sweet Hope is also working directly with a small social and rehabilitation center in the village of Khor, Russia to build a playground for the children.  The children in this shelter are facing one of the most difficult times in their lives, a separation from their families.  While the shelter provides meals, clothing and an education, it is unable to provide them with the most basic need, a childhood.

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