Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Sweet Hope Foundation is a federally registered non-profit company. As our tagline states, we exist to help orphans worldwide. We believe that, no matter the circumstances, all children deserve a childhood. We aspire to connect those who are in need with those who are willing to help. {Read More}

Sweet Hope began in 2006 as a fundraising venture of Derek and Lisa Lindholm who, at the time, were in the process of adopting their son from Russia. It quickly evolved into an entity that sought to give back to the orphanages and caregivers in the country that they had grown to love. Through the process of forming a board of directors and filing the paperwork to become a 501(c)3, the purpose of the organization expanded further to include not only Russia, but children in all countries.

Meet our Board:

Founder and President – Lisa Lindholm

Vice President – Jon Shaffer

Secretary – Bethany Hanna

Treasurer – Joel Larson

At-Large Positions – Derek Lindholm, Nathe Lawver, Kim Sandusky

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