Sweet Hope is 10 years old!

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Sweet Hope is 10 years old!

Can it be?  Sweet Hope is turning 10!  In 2006 Derek and Lisa Lindholm were sitting at the dinner table when Lisa proposed the idea of making truffles as a way to raise money to help families adopting children.  They had only returned from completing their own adoption trip no more than a month earlier.  Little did they know the journey they would embark upon.

Sweet Hope has helped build playground on the other side of the world, they have helped to bring children home to their forever families and they have spread the message that every child deserves a childhood.  Our work is not yet finished.   There are still children without families.  There are still places in this world that do not hear the sound of a child’s laughter.  It is through the work of Sweet Hope and patrons like you that bring smiles to families faces and giggles from children.

To celebrate we are returning to our roots! We are happy to announce that Sweet Hope will once again be making the delicious truffles and caramels you’ve come to enjoy. In 2016 we will be limiting the number of truffle flavors to 4. You will still be able to purchase single varieties as well as full dozen boxes. Each full dozen box will have 3 of each variety. In addition, we are also returning to our original pricing. We believe that this compromise will benefit everyone, especially the families we are building and the children we will be helping.

Look for more information about the flavors and making a purchase very soon!

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