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Welcome to Sweet Hope | Sweet Hope

Welcome to Sweet Hope

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Welcome to Sweet Hope

Sweet Hope started as a personal fundraiser in February 2006. Our goal was to raise money to adopt our son from Russia. We made and sold chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day.

When we started our adoption journey, we did not have the money to finish. Though, somehow, throughout our adoption money was always available when we needed it. It came from savings, loans, grants, gifts and even fund-raisers.

Once our son was home we continued to get demands for the delicious truffles everyone had purchased.  We no longer needed to raise money for our own adoption, but knew there were plenty of families in our same situation.  We repeated the sales in December of 2006 and the proceeds were given to a family adopting a little girl from Bryansk, Russia.

More emails poured in asking for more candy.  We sold truffles again for Mother’s Day 2007.  The proceeds from those sales benefited a family adopting a little boy from Vladivostock, Russia.

We repeated our success in December 2007 with record sales.  Unfortunately, we did not have anyone apply for the funds so the balance went to pay off some of our own adoption debt.

In 2008 the vision of Sweet Hope has changed.  We understand there will always be families out there in need of extra money to complete adoptions, but at the same time there are also children who will never be adopted.

Children in institutional settings are often there because of medical conditions that prevent them from being adopted or they are considered too old for adoption.  Our focus is to raise awareness for older children and children with medical conditions in orphanages worldwide.  The Sweet Hope Foundation is attempting to raise funds to assist children in need.  The proceeds from the sale of all of our candy goes directly to an orphanage in Khabarovsk Territory, Russia.

In 2009 Sweet Hope officially partnered with the Slavyanka Women’s Society in Khabarovsk to help oversee the funds that are sent.  Slavyanka is a group of business women, doctors and lawyers that participate in philanthropic causes.  We are very grateful for their assistance.

In 2008 Khabarovsk Baby Home #2 was able to purchase toys and medical equipment for the children.

In 2009 Mirnoe Village Orphanage purchased needed supplies and clothing for the children.

In 2010 Mirnoe Village Orphanage purchased furniture for their gathering room, made repairs to the physical building and held a birthday party for every child in the orphanage.

The Russian Orphanage system is often in a state of flux due to increasing financial constraints.  During the Fall of 2011 we learned that the Mirnoe Village Orphanage would be closing and the children would be moved to a new facility.  Sadly, our relationship with the Mirnoe Village director came to a close when she was not invited to be the director of the new facility.  Once again we shifted our focus to a new orphanage.

The funds from 2011 chocolate sales benefitted a small Social Rehabilitation Center in Khor Village, Khabarovsk, Russia.  This facility houses children on a transitional basis.  There are about 30 permanent residents, but the facility cares for nearly 200 children over the course of a year.  Sweet Hope purchased play equipment for the orphanage in 2012.

Sweet Hope will continue to support the orphanage system in Russia and would like to expand to other areas of the world.


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